Damon Lavrinc:

You have no idea how fast traffic moves on an interstate until you’re trundling along at 65 mph. At that speed, everyone is whizzing past, including what looks like someone’s grandmother out for a drive in her Buick LeSabre.

I am creeping along, relatively speaking, to conserve energy because I’m on an electric Zero DS motorcycle and I’m a long way from home. I’d gotten ambitious — riding to Napa seemed like a good idea when I’d set off — and the 70-mile trip home will require every last bit of energy in the battery.

I watch the needle on the speedo dip below 60 as I start up another hill and decide to get on the throttle. I figure it’s better to risk running out of juice than risk getting run down by a semi. As I ponder this, something Ben Rich told me goes through my mind.