Tiernan Ray:

The appeal for all of these parties is the obvious fact that it’s easier to expand the function of a mobile computer when it’s incorporated into a car than it is to jam everything into a handheld device with limited battery power.
 ONCE LTE CONNECTIONS are prevalent, the monthly cost of wireless service could be wrapped into the car’s financing package.
 It may be decades before Google’s self-driving car is a reality, but automated functions such as “drive-by-wire throttle” and “by-wire braking” may not only assist but also send enough safety and hazard information to the cloud that their use becomes mandated by regulators on new-model cars.
 One can imagine a point system for drivers who meet certain goals for efficient driving, as recorded by their car’s onboard monitoring systems, reducing insurance premiums. Then again, how many drivers really want insurers monitoring their highway speeds?

Remarkable. Perhaps the cellular operators are in the midst of an auto push?
 The writer’s perspective is rather unique and seems to lack an understanding of present automotive cycle times.