Steven Sinofsky:

When I first got in the Prius in 2001 the dealership kept me there for 4 hours “teaching” me how to drive and own the car as though it was some exotic device. It came with a plastic reference card to use if I valet parked the car. I had to watch video tapes. It was pretty crazy since by and large other than regenerative braking it was just a car.
 The Bolt is totally different but they just send you off. I loved that. (OK, it is a Detroit car maker so I spent like 3 hours in the finance cave dealing with that, but I digress).
 There are like 5 screens about energy usage. The biggest learning (and sort of a less than positive surprise) is that climate control is like 15% of energy usage. So you sit in the car in traffic having Apollo 13 moments by turning off features and seeing the car range go up or down. On a full charge I drop from a high of 238 to 216 by turning off the climate system and radio. This all reminds me of the first Prius owners that talked about driving without shoes so you could feel if the car was on battery or combustion. This craziness will pass as it did with Hybrids.