Wilfried Eckl-Dorna:

The warning of his boss was as clear as it was painful: “In the coming six months, we will go through the production hollows,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the end of July. Mus handed over just the first 30 copies of his new model3 model car, with which the Californian car manufacturer wants to conquer the mass market.

Autoproduktionsprofi Peter Hochholdinger, the Tesla middle of 2016 from Audi , Musks’ clairvoyant clause might have remained in the memory. In spite of all the preparations, in spite of the decades of experience of Hochholdinger in large-scale production, Tesla had to publish troubling figures recently: just 260 copies of Tesla’s Model 3 were delivered in the third quarter – not even 4 cars per workday. If you want to roll up the world market like Musk, there should be a few more cars on the road. 1500 it should actually be according to Tesla announcements.