Pioneer PDF:

Pioneer Corporation has completed trial manufacture for inspection purposes of its 3D-LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) driving space sensor, considered necessary to enable automated driving and advanced driving support, and has launched development and in-car trials of technology for a high-performance, compact and low-cost system. Pioneer aims to put the system to practical use for mapping vehicles of advanced map during 2016, and it aims to commercialize 3D-LiDAR for business use in 2017 and for private passenger vehicles around 2018.
Specifically, during 2016, Pioneer will launch advanced map creation using mapping vehicles fitted with 3D-LiDAR, with Increment P Corporation (hereinafter, Increment P), its map creation subsidiary. In the near future, the Company aims to develop and propose an efficient creation and operation system for advanced map data (“data ecosystem”) enabling differences in map data to be automatically processed, with low costs of operation, by collecting surrounding environment data in real-time from general- use vehicles equipped with 3D-LiDAR as well.