Julie Verhage:

Morgan Stanley Analyst Adam Jonas says this chart is so important that you need to put it on your wall.
 “Telling the story of this chart will occupy the remainder my professional life. It’s sort of sad that my life can be boiled down to one chart… but it’s so true.”
 Jonas says that the auto industry is being eyed by outside players that want in on the “$10tn mobility market (10tn miles traveled x $1/mile)” and that the future of the industry is going to revolve around two fairly recent phenomenons: (1) the shared economy and (2) autonomous driving.
 He breaks it down into four quadrants: the status quo of today, the shared mobility market with the likes of Uber, “owned autonomy” where we are giving up control of cars to a computer, and “shared autonomy” where fleets of completely autonomous vehicles are operating 24 hours a day.

Via Angel Lamuño.