Pino Bonetti:

Today we introduced HERE Auto, an embedded in-dash navigation system, and the HERE Auto Companion app – the latest additions to our world-class location products and services.

Internet connectivity transforms the abilities of many devices, including cars. However, we believe that a connected car isn’t just about putting a smartphone in vehicles. We believe that connectivity creates vast new possibilities for the automobile industry. HERE Auto and HERE Auto Companion app aim to take advantage of those possibilities and bring our vision of a connected car to life.

With HERE Auto and its companion app, we are offering a complete location experience that assists you all the time:

When you plan your journey – on or on your smartphone;

When you drive – with embedded voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in 95 countries, traffic re-routing and fuel prices;

When you approach your destination – with street level images, parking availability and indoor maps.

Via Dirk Schmidt.