Marco Della Cava:

One automaker’s vision of the transportation future sat parked under a broiling sun not far from AT&T Park baseball stadium Tuesday. But the blackout tint on the sedan’s windows wasn’t to keep the interior cool, but hidden.

Toyota quietly rolled into town with the newest addition to its eco-conscious fleet, the 2015 FCV. That stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle and translates to hydrogen power. The car hits dealers in the middle of next year, but the company remains mum on pricing and what surrounds the passengers.

“We aren’t quite ready to show off the interior yet, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be very spacious with ample trunk room,” says Jana Hartline, the company’s environmental communications manager. “The (electricity-generating) hydrogen fuel cell sits under the front seats, and the hydrogen gas tanks are under the back wheel well. It’s been optimized for comfort.”

The quick science low-down here: take hydrogen gas and mix it with oxygen in a fuel cell stack and you get electric current, heat and water.

Via Steve Schiets