Peter DeLorenzo:

AE: Wow, that’s… impressive.

B.D.: Yeah, and let’s say a car company needs to get at the real buyers, not tire kickers, but the ones itching to buy. We can tell them what these people have been looking at and where, which Internet sites they frequent, what articles they’ve read, what they like to do in their spare time, what their interests are, and the same sort of stuff I just told you about Sandra. Then they take that info and tailor specific messages for them. Did you hear what Toyota is doing now?

AE: No, what?

B.D.: They’re using subscriber data from DirecTV to target tech-geeks in L.A., San Francisco and San Diego, enticing them to look at the all-electric, $50,000 RAV4. Toyota doesn’t have to screw around with mass-market messages at all, instead they can get right at these early adopters who subscribe to DirecTV and who would have a tendency to consider the car in the first place. And where did they get the tool that allows them to do all that?

AE: Big Data?

B.D.: Correctamundo. Listen, this has been fun, but when Lurlene comes through the door you best not be here.