Benjamin Encz

Interesting thoughts! So you think the investors and all folks in the tech industry that are bullish on Uber are wrong? What do you think will happen to the company?
 I don’t see a success scenario for Uber in the case in which self-driving cars become mass market ready in the near future. Of the services that Uber is currently offering, I can only see one that could end up successful: ride sharing.
 Assuming Uber continues to build a large network of drivers & riders they might be able to offer shared rides that are cheap and generate a profit. When Uber Pool works well, it becomes a viable alternative to using public transportation or to owning your own car. Does this outlook justify Uber’s latest valuation of $68 billion?
 Without running the numbers myself, I doubt it4. And I can’t imagine investors would be satisfied with Uber focusing on becoming a ride-sharing company. So Uber might be in a similar situation to Twitter – it could offer a good, profitable service if it weren’t for it’s sky high valuation and ambition.