Chris Ziegler:

Subaru recently posted a YouTube video touting Starlink, the company’s in-house navigation and entertainment system. You’d think they’d make it look good; companies are typically in the business of making their products seem like pure, unfiltered magic. Not Subaru, which is apparently content to let its in-dash electronics trainwreck over the course of one minute, 43 seconds.

“Tablet-like”? What kind of jacked-up tablet are you using, Subaru?

Let’s unpack what just happened here. A gentleman — a paid spokesperson in an official Subaru video — tried to zoom in on a map. Starlink eventually got around to zooming in at something like three frames per second. If this happened on your iPhone, your Galaxy S5, your Moto X, or what have you, you’d say “something is seriously wrong” and you’d reboot or close some apps or go to Geek Squad or place your phone in a garbage disposal and flip the switch.

Indeed, I have experience with Subaru. Largely great on the basics, but I would not spend money on any IoT initiatives…

Via Oliver Bruce.