Dusk. The windows must be down. Saturday night. 72F / 22C. A warm breeze. Fresh air. A quick left, then the middle lane. Accelerate. Stop light. Sprint. Left lane. Wait for traffic, turn left. A quick right, more traffic.

Then, a red car. An unusual shape. Windows open as well.

Left hand knifing in and out of the driver’s window. Something in the driver’s hand.


Fast motions. We share the same lane. Accelerate. Paddles.

The breeze delights.

Crossing State street – slowly, lots of people walking and biking.

Nancy: “I think we are sharing his joint”.

The red Saab drifts in and out of the center lane. The left hand continues to dangle, the joint slicing the breeze.

Then, we part company, the joint a quick left, destination unknown, while we continue on our tried and true path to dinner.

Windows down. A terrific October breeze.

A red Saab, an unusual Saabaru, the 9-2x.

Another edition of my “auto anthropology” observations.