Providence Journal:

Motor Vehicle Solutions (MVS), of South Carolina, was selected as the vendor for this program after an extensive procurement process and will be paid solely by a percentage of revocation reinstatement fees collected pursuant to this program. This is a completely self-funded program with no additional cost to taxpayers. Therefore, fees will not be impacted.
 All insurance companies authorized to write automobile liability policies in Rhode Island have been registered with the MVS database and are required to report accurate information on insured policyholders monthly. The DMV will also report information on all actively registered vehicles to the same database.
 If an actively registered vehicle does not have an associated insurance policy, that vehicle will be flagged and a notice will be mailed to the owner to indicate that he or she is required to obtain insurance. If, after 30 days, the owner has not obtained insurance, a second notice will be sent. If the customer continues to not comply with the law, the DMV will revoke the registration of the vehicle and block the customer’s ability to obtain or renew a license or registration in Rhode Island.