Sam Byford:

No electric vehicle is more iconic than Tesla Motors’ Model S, and none of its features are more notorious than the colossal 17-inch touchscreen that replaces many of the traditional buttons and knobs found on your regular car dashboard. The Verge’s Chris Ziegler wasn’t too impressed with the interface when he took the Model S for a spin, finding it overbearing and unreliable. But what if you could bring your own touchscreen to an electric vehicle, providing more useful information while keeping the standard controls intact?

That’s the idea being pushed by Terra Motors, a Japanese startup that says it’s created the first “sophisticated” electric scooter to enter mass production. The A4000i looks more or less like any other moped, but its spartan dashboard features a conspicuously iPhone-sized slot for you to insert your phone. Once connected over Bluetooth and running Terra’s app, the phone will display information such as the current battery charge and information about the trip. Although it’s not ready yet, Terra is also developing its own navigation software to be used with the scooter, and plans to include the option to upload GPS data to the cloud to assist cities in congestion management.