Candidate Brian Boyko:

In fact, nobody can buy a Tesla car in Texas. The State of Texas has decided that you can’t buy a car from Tesla.

Why? Well, the Texas Automobile Dealers Association lobbied hard against letting Tesla sell cars in Texas, spending $276,750 on Texas political campaigns – about 75% to Republicans, (including $2000 to Rep. Dale, the incumbent in the seat I’m running for.)

Tesla doesn’t use car dealerships. They sell directly to the consumer. No haggling, no upselling, no commission for employees, and uniform prices at every store. You just point to the car, say “I want that,” and you buy it. It makes a lot of sense for Tesla. Customers don’t like car dealers, and car dealers don’t like electric cars, so why would you try to sell an electric car to a customer through a car dealership? It is capitalism – a producer of a good is responding to the incentives of the market.