As an encore to achieving that feat last year, a group of engineering students spent the last year building a brand new BYU Supermileage vehicle that’s lighter, smoother and more efficient. Thanks to the improvements, the new car has achieved an all-time best for BYU: 1,716 miles per gallon—or roughly the distance between Provo and Cabo, Mexico.
 “Our goal is to one day break the 2,000 miles to the gallon barrier, which is about 100 times more than the typical car achieves,” said student Cory Newton.
 Part of BYU’s motivation to achieve seemingly impossible results comes from a narrow miss in 2013. The group of students from that Capstone team achieved the highest miles per gallon in a national competition (1,331), but took 2nd place overall because of design technicalities.
 To ramp up the MPG this year, the team focused on four areas of the car: