Want China Times:

Taxi app Uber has been breaking the rules and fooling consumers with deceptive arguments, Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications said Monday after Uber launched a Facebook campaign to drum up commuter support.
 The ministry said Uber’s operations are illegal because the company is registered locally as an information service rather than as a transportation business.
 It also said that Uber has recruited drivers who do not have commercial driver’s licenses, which are required for taxi drivers. While the company promised the ministry it would follow existing rules, it did not change the way it ran its business, said transportation official Hu Ti-chi.
 Hu said the ministry has suggested that Uber obtain the necessary licenses or work with a partner in the sector, but Uber did not take its advice.
 Uber is also being disingenuous when it accuses the government of preventing the creation of job opportunities by cracking down on Uber’s operations, the government said, because the US-based company itself is operating illegally.