autonomous law :

Understanding the law is an essential piece of AV programming, but it is not a valid safety standard, let alone a minimum one. It is not enough not to cause accidents — not unless AVs are the only cars on the road. AVs must equally be able to avoid collisions, even when not their fault. What Mobileye has actually proposed is a liability standard, and it is far below current strict product liability standards, and even reasonable care. (PART FOUR.)
 Most significantly, the white paper reveals a crack in the veneer of inevitability that the industry has thus far projected, and the crack goes straight to the core of its viability. Mobileye is afraid that without forward-looking rules-based safety (rather than historical data- and performance-based safety), AVs will never be able to scale to the tens of millions of cars, and may wind up being “simply a very expensive science experiment.”