Gabe Nelson:

I get the feeling that Audi really, really wants me at their party.
 As we reported today, Audi of America wants all of its roughly 280 U.S. dealerships to throw parties on the night of April 3 to celebrate the A3, the entry-level sedan that arrives in U.S. dealerships this month after years of preparations, and which Audi sees as a way to win the hearts of a new generation of luxury buyers.
 Audi has sent its dealers an elaborate, 64-page guide to planning the parties, which are meant for people between their mid-20s and early 40s. And the guide, obtained by Automotive News (click here to download the PDF), makes clear that Audi is targeting hipsters, those indie-music and craft-beer fans from Brooklyn, Austin and Portland.
 Audi’s guide never uses the word “hipster,” which carries a whole lot of baggage.
 And yet, contained in the guide’s 64 pages are so many hipster stereotypes — bacon doughnuts, unfiltered craft beer, up-and-coming bands like Chvrches — that it feels like something out of the TV show “Portlandia.”