More than a hundred years ago, the Ford Model T brought the automobile to the multitude. Now, the Dearborn, Michigan, car manufacturer is aiming to do the same with carbon fiber.
 Apparently, the recently announced new Ford GT halo car is only the tip of the iceberg. The ferocious Ecoboost supercar is slated to serve as the Broadway stage for Ford’s plan to pioneer in carbon fiber technologies.
 Ford announced that it has teamed up with materials company DowAksa to move forward innovation in carbon fiber production. Essentially, Ford’s aim is to be the first company to create a viable, high-volume manufacturing process that will make the material more affordable and accessible than ever before.
 “This opportunity builds upon Ford’s current joint development agreement with Dow Chemical and accelerates our timeline to introduce carbon fiber composites into high-volume applications,” says Jim deVries, the Ford Global Manager of Materials and Manufacturing Research.